MAYCES INTERNATIONAL is a Multi-Cultural Hair Care Products Distributor offering premium brand products for all types of hair. We freely pass on our savings to the public. Here you will find every product you need for total haircare.

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...used on a variety of hair types, for salon clients with color-treated hair and for dry & itchy scalps.

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...leaves hair silky-straight and well-conditioned for free flowing, soft silky hairstyles with body.

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Styling Products

Regardless of hair type, texture or style, we have a styling product for you!

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Our products are the perfect tools for creating innovative and classic styles.

MAYCES INTERNATIONAL is my only source for haircare products. The prices always seem to be the lowest on the internet and the customer service is unmatched. I am so thankful that I finally found the one-stop-shop for all my haircare needs.–Mary Archer

Every haircare website pretty much sales the same products but you guys seem to have a much larger selection of the haircare products that all women use. It's not often that I run across an online retailer that has each and every product that I use. –Cynthia Darson

When the economy tanked, I almost gave up on haircare products. The prices on most sites just seem so outrageous. Then I discovered MAYCES INTERNATIONAL'S online store and it has changed my life. Now I can buy the same products that my friends have but at a much lower price. I guess it's tme to let them in on my secret.–Gabby Wallace

As an adoptive mother of 5 multi-cultural children, I would find it hard to find all of the products they need in one store. When I discovered this site, it made my life 100 times better. Thanks for the great selection of products.–Ora Salaman